Nima App: Contribute & Discover

What is the Nima app?

The Nima app syncs to your Nima sensor, so you can record and contribute your test results to inform the entire gluten-free or peanut-free community.

Review your own test results

Tap on a test result to record what food you tested in a few steps. You can record restaurant foods, packaged foods, and other foods (like dishes at a dinner party). This way when you go want to revisit a particular spot, you can remember what your experience was like, what particular dish you may have tested, and the Nima test result.

Contribute to the Nima community

Every time you test and share your result, you’re helping others make healthier dining decisions. Your test result, rating, and review becomes part of the community database of restaurants and packaged foods.

Discover gluten-tested or peanut-tested restaurants and packaged foods

In the restaurant map, you can see restaurants near you or search for a particular cuisine in a particular location in the world. In the packaged food list, you can see a brand’s most popularly tested items or search for particular item that you’re considering buying.

Want to test for yourself?

Know what’s in your food. Get a Nima Gluten Sensor or a Nima Peanut Sensor.