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Let Nima take the first bite

Nima empowers you to dine out more often, say yes to catered events, double-check a packaged food, and travel far and wide.

How do I Test?

Nima uses anti-body based chemistry to test samples of food for the proteins found in gluten. Just place a small amount of food in one of the disposable test capsules, insert the capsule into the sensor, push a button, wait a few minutes, and see the result!

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What can I test?

Any food substance, liquid or solid can be tested with Nima (except for a few limitations, see below FAQ). A few examples of commonly tested foods are: french fries, pizza, soups, salad dressings, muffins, cookies, cereals, nutrition bars, and much more!

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Where can I test?

Anywhere! Eating out or dining in, let Nima take the first bite. Want to check that the gluten-free soup at the grocery store is really gluten-free? Trying a new packaged food where no ingredients look risky but you just want to be sure? Nima is small enough to fit in your pocket so wherever you can go, Nima can go too!

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Gluten Sensor

The world’s first portable gluten tester.


“I’ve used the first generation Nima device for gluten and it’s a wonderful device. My daughter has Celiac disease and the Nima has saved us several times at restaurants.”



“This product is a lifesaver for those of us with Celiac disease. It’s portable, easy to use, and … the only consumer tool out there. Since buying my Nima I have found gluten lurking everywhere from chili powder to Thai curry to coffee.”



“I have Celiacs and travel frequently and the Nima Sensor gives me the confidence to eat out […] No more worrying about cross contamination ruining my trips – I am so grateful for the science and technology.”



“I received my Nima in the mail just before a trip to Cambodia and Vietnam where gluten does not seem to be on their radar screen. It ended up saving me several times, beginning with my supposedly GF airplane meal. ”



“I am a gastroenterology physician and have celiac disease. Being a GI physician I treat patients with celiac disease as well. This is my personal testament that Nima works! And it works really well. My health is so much better.”



“Since getting Nima, we have been able to take family trips and eat out at restaurants again. It was surprising to see how many things that say “gluten free” have cross-contamination. We are now 100% gluten free but still get to eat out with peace of mind.”


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