Food Service Provider (FSP) Program


Studies have found gluten present in 33% of dishes labelled gluten-free at dining establishments. And a mis-labelled dish consumed by diners suffering with Celiac disease, or those sensitive to gluten and trying to follow a gluten-free diet, can have severe consequences, health-wise for the diners and reputation-wise for the establishment.


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About the FSP Program

Nima established a Food Service Provider (FSP) Program to help address this potential mis-labelling problem. With this program, FSPs can now use Nima sensors to regularly test dishes prepared in their dining establishments for presence of gluten prior to labeling them gluten-free.

The critical extra data point Nima sensors provide regarding presence or absence of gluten in gluten-free offerings, allows FSPs to more confidently cater to the millions of people looking for safe gluten-free food options outside of their homes. 

Nima sensors are being used in kitchens at restaurants, dining halls, and even at homes too:


Audit samples of gluten-free raw ingredients as well as prepared foods


Check for presence of gluten in new ingredients and/or ingredients from new suppliers


Spot check shared kitchen equipment, such as toasters and fryers, for any cross-contamination


Provide diners with a “gluten self-test” option with dishes labeled for an additional layer of assurance

A Case Study: Vanderbilt University

Read how Vanderbilt University is going the extra mile to keep its students healthy, happy and safe with their regular auditing of their dining halls with Nima sensors.

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